We're closer than we've ever been!

  • MTSU has designated a new Concrete and Construction Management building as "highest priority" on the current Master Plan
  • President McPhee announced to our National Steering Committee in May that the CCM building will be the next new building planned on campus
  • This is a huge turning point as the state will now share the cost of construction and requires MTSU to raise 15% of the total cost.  
  Cost of Construction of CCM Building $31,000,000 
  Demo, new chiller, utility expansion $  9,100,000 
 Total Project Cost $40,100,000 

School of CCM donations must total (by 7/16) $5,015,000
  MTSU donation $1,000,000
 15% of project cost through external funds $6,015,000

Where will the building be located?

The new CCM building site is in the East Quad along with new Applied Engineering and Math & Computer Science buildings, to be proposed in the future.

Along with the Science Building these will create an academic neighborhood focused on STEM disciplines; a Science Corridor.

So...where are we...financially?

Dr. Brown and a team of dedicated CIM Patrons have been hitting it hard over the last three months!  Currently industry pledges total:

$4,400,000 88% of our goal!

Huge thank you to the following building donors:

ASCC/Ward MalischDunn Investments/MMCNashville Ready Mix
BASFFICAPNicole Maher, CIM Patron 
Baker ConcreteGarrott Brothers Ozinga Concrete
Blager ConcreteGene Martineau, Ind. Donor Pine Bluff Materials
Buzzi UnicemGrace Construction Products Rogers Group 
Cemex Irving Materials, Inc. SEFA 
Chris Davenport, CIM Alum
John Curtis, Ind. Donor Southern Concrete 
CIM Alumni Wall DonorsKevin Swaidner, Ind. Donor
Smyrna Ready Mix, Inc. 
CIM NSCLafarge Holcim Stephens Mfg. 
CIM PatronsLee Thrasher, CIM AlumTCA 
Command AlkonLehigh HansonVulcan Materials
Danny Rogers, Ind. DonorLithko ContractingSoutheast Cement Promotions Association 
Demo PlusMesser Construction 

What's next?

  • The School is madly continuing to secure donations through July 16, 2018 to present to the state in MTSU's new capital building proposal
Then...we wait...
  • November 2018 - Tennessee Higher Education Commission will priority rank all state capital building proposals
  • January 2019 - new Governor will balance budget to determine how many of the projects are funded
If all goes well, we should start design of a new building in Fall 2019 and break ground in Spring 2020 for project completion estimated in 2021.

How can you help?

  1. If you haven't yet given as an alum, please consider adding your name to our Alumni Donor Hall
  2. Ask your employer if they match your make the most of your pledge
  3. Has your employer been a supporter or benefited from our programs?  Help set up a meeting with your executives and Dr. Brown.
Donations may be made over a five-year pledge, starting in 2019.  Pledges are only honored if we get the vote from the state and the building project is funded, donations would start in January 2019.  A $25,000 pledge would only require a $5,000 donation each year!


Patron's President:

Jessie Boone |

MTSU School of Concrete and Construction Management:

Sally Victory | 615/494-7658 |

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